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We are glad to announce that we have our first WE ARE ZRCL ambassador since the end of March 2022. We are pleased to introduce you to Shem Thomas, singer/songwriter and music producer, as our ambassador.

Shem Thomas has been an independent and successful singer/songwriter and music producer since 2014, with two Top 5 albums, a gold single and many airplay hits. He originally grew up in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen and now lives in the historic canton of Schwyz. He is a passionate musician. Consequently, music is the centre of his life and songs occupy him every day. Nevertheless, he is in nature a lot and likes to be inspired by nature. He says: «I am part of nature; accordingly, I feel even more connected to myself in nature.» Moreover, he draws strength from nature.


For Shem Thomas, music has always been a part of him and has lain dormant deep within him. «When I heard a song for the first time, and perceived it correctly consciously as well as subconsciously, it was something magical for me. Because a song tells a story, but not just a visual story, but it touched on so many different levels. A song speaks to the emotions, the mind and the whole body – all three dimensions are moved.» This was one of many key moments in his musical development.


Those who know Shem Thomas also know that he not only writes his own songs, but also produces them himself. He has always had a great urge to do everything himself and loves to create something. He says: «The experience of creating something yourself is simply indescribable. A song starts with an idea or a feeling deep inside me. I go after that feeling and bring it to the world. By trying as much as possible to put my emotions and thoughts into the production and transport them.»


With his music, Shem Thomas aims to inspire, reach people’s hearts and give them a different perspective. «It’s the biggest thing for me to move people with my music, to touch them on multiple levels and give them inspiration.» Duality has always influenced him in this regard. Accordingly, he always tries to integrate the light as well as the dark in his songs. He wants to perform his songs authentically and move people to embrace the diversity of life, with the good as well as the bad moments, in their lives.


Shem Thomas had already experienced times when he had little money and had to turn over every centime. Accordingly, he was forced to make do with what he had. This has left its mark on him. He is convinced: «It is also possible with little – you don’t need an abundance». Basically, he is a person who wants to keep what he has as long as possible. So he wears his clothes until they have holes in them. Or he plays his guitar until it falls apart.


In 2017, Shem Thomas heard and read about WE ARE ZRCL for the first time. From the beginning, he found WE ARE ZRCL, the streetwear label without secrets, very innovative and, in his words, «mega cool». Because it is transparent, fair, organic and ecological from cultivation to sales. With the second album came the merchandise. «Accordingly, it was clear to me; if I do something new, then something sustainable as well as high quality – just like my music.» That’s why WE ARE ZRCL was exactly the right partner for him. So the first meeting took place in spring 2021, resulting not only in a partnership for the merchandise products, but also in a partnership as an ambassador for WE ARE ZRCL in spring 2022.


«For me, the collaboration is a jackpot. The WE ARE ZRCL garments are high quality and feel good.» It is a round story for him. Equally important for him is that he can stand behind it with conviction and recommend his merchandise to fans. A friendship also developed with the collaboration between Shem Thomas and Kilian Wiget, founder and CEO of WE ARE ZRCL. «I appreciated Kilian very much as well as the whole ZRCL team.» Kilian Wiget also welcomes Shem Thomas to the «WE ARE ZRCL» circle. «Shem Thomas captivated me with his motivated and honest manner right from his first visit to our flagship store. Those who have already seen him on stage know what I am talking about. It’s really fun to work with him and I appreciate the mutual appreciation. I am very happy to have him as the first WE ARE ZRLC Ambassador in the team.»


«You have to look into the future, also for the next generations.» We all want our descendants to be able to live on a beautiful earth. So you simply have to take a certain step towards sustainability and think ahead. As Shem Thomas sings in his song «Same Boat»: «We’re sitting in the same boat, the same boat. Trying to keep it afloat, afloat. It’s a stormy sea, but it’s you and me. Sitting in the same boat, the same boat.» This fits – we are all part of the circle, all sitting in the same boat. Maybe we can close our eyes to it, but in the end we are all in the same boat – no one can escape from it.

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