CEO and Founder

Kilian is the brains behind the brand and founded WE ARE ZRCL in 2015. You can find detailed information in the interview «12 questions for Kilian Wiget».

As CEO, he is not only the boss, but also the boy for everything – from the warehouse to sales to marketing, he is there wherever he is needed. Kilian is a sustainability fanatic, a clown during breaks (but gets a little more serious with age 😉) and always up for a good espresso.

«My answer is the explanation for the name. While searching for a suitable name for my project, I came up with this completely wrong abbreviation one night. I scribbled the four letters in a circle on a piece of paper.

ZRCL stands for «Circle» and describes the circle that encompasses our fellow human beings, the environment and the earth, as well as the cycle of the products we consume. As with textiles, you cannot see at first glance what is behind and in the product, where it comes from and who produced it and under what conditions.

With WE ARE ZRCL, we want to encourage people to think, to ask questions and to think along with us, and to shed some light on the darkness and opacity of the textile industry. Thus, WE ARE is the logical complement to our brand: we are all part of the circle.»

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