Donations instead of discounts

Our Anti Black Friday campaign has been a huge success and we are overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback and donations we have received.

In total, an incredible CHF 1976 – has been donated.

Beitrag zum Black Friday

On Black Friday there were no products on our webshop. But you could make a donation to one of four organizations. Here you can find the article about this.
Through our online store, no less than CHF 1385.- have been donated and in the ZRCL showroom, CHF 591.- have been added with the sale of reduced articles.

These amounts will now be divided among the projects and transferred in the coming days.

Donations could be made to the following projects:
bioReĀ® Foundation
Fashion Revolution Switzerland
Swiss Alliance GMO-free
Biovision Foundation

We would like to thank everyone who supported our campaign with a donation, who shared contributions and spread the word!
A very big thank you goes to our webdesigner Roman Hospenthal from, who donated the whole invoice amount for his work. Also to Nicole, from Bote der Urschweiz for the great article.

Thank you all for being part of the circle.

Report at Bote der Urschweiz

Sorry, only in German:

Bericht im Bote der Urschweiz

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