Closet for clothes swap

Do you also have clothes and accessories in your closet that are still in good condition but have become too big/small for you or that you no longer want? Then become active and support sustainable awareness in the textile industry. How? By giving your old clothes a new life with new owners.



  • bring a maximum of 3 pieces of clothing and/or accessories
  • in good condition and washed
  • no underwear, socks and tights
  • put your old clothes/accessories in the closet
  • rummage in your closet
  • take what you like for free
  • Duration: 21 April to 31 May 2023
  • Location: next to the entrance of our flagship store, at Schmiedgasse 1, in Schwyz

With our clothing exchange, it doesn’t matter that you go home at the end with the same number of garments that you came with. Because every piece of clothing that you give a longer as well as a new life is a contribution to sustainability and our environment!

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Fashion Revolution Week 2023
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