Colorful Friday with mind and heart

Cheap bargains – not with us! With our streetwear label, are we transparent, fair, organic and ecological from cultivation to sale. For us, it is a matter of course that we set an example against overconsumption and the throwaway society. That’s why we don’t go along with the trend.

Instead of Black Friday, WE ARE ZRCL has Colorful Friday. This year is the Colorful Friday, all about sustainability.


After-work apéritif and book reading

On «Colorful Friday», 25 November 2022, the monthly after-work apéritif will take place again from 17:00 to 21:00. There will also be a reading and discussion with author Sabina Galbiati about sustainability and her book «101 answers for your sustainable everyday life».

Have you ever asked yourself, how much meat can I eat with a clear conscience? What makes natural cosmetics so much better than conventional cosmetics? And how can I really find more environmentally friendly fashion? Answers to these questions as well as everyday questions about sustainability, climate and environmental protection can be found in the book «101 answers for your sustainable everyday life».

If you want to know more, we look forward to your participation. The reading and discussion will take place from 19:00 to 20:00 in our flagship store in Schwyz.

Learn more about Sabina Galbiati and her work at


Colorful Friday

More than 80 shops and online shops have joined forces this year to send a strong signal against the discount battle around Black Friday. You can recognize the participating shops by their window displays in shades of red.

Especially in the fashion world, Black Friday has devastating direct and indirect effects. Did you know that fashion companies produce 150 billion garments a year and that 40% of all clothes are worn no more than four times on average? Large quantities of raw materials and labour are needed for every single garment. The impact on nature and the risk of exploitation of workers is correspondingly real. And for what? So that people can proudly show off their new bargain?

Consuming fast fashion is comparable to eating fast food. It is a quick pleasure, at a cheap price, which releases happiness hormones in the brain. However, as quickly as the feeling of satiety diminishes, so do the feelings of happiness. But not so with us!


Now there’s 20 %

With us, you can also release happiness hormones in another way that will last much longer. Because 20% of the total revenue generated on Friday, 25 November 2022 in the flagship shop in Schwyz and in the online shop will be donated. 10% of the proceeds will go to the bioRe® Foundation and 10% to Revolution Fashion. So, not only are you buying a transparent, fair, organic, and ecological garment that makes you feel good and that you can wear sustainably, but you are also supporting two good causes. You can’t get any happier than that.

By the way, there are no additional costs for you during Colorful Fridays, even if a part is donated thanks to you. The selling price of our clothes remains the same, we simply donate 20% of our earnings to the organizations.

bioRe® Foundation

The bioRe® Foundation aims to support farming families in the organic cultivation of cotton in Tanzania and India so that they can sustainably improve their livelihoods. In addition, it creates space for development, supports the productivity as well as the biodiversity of agriculture and takes care of the basic needs of the farming families.

Fashion Revolution Switzerland

The Fashion Revolution Switzerland wants to revolutionize the way clothes are made, bought, and used. So that human rights violations and environmental destruction in the fashion industry will soon be a thing of the past. They also inform about grievances, celebrate alternatives, and show how you can change the fashion system with your voice and choice of clothes.

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