The sustainable price tag

We’ll take you on a trip of one of our price tags. Definitely one of our heart projects on the way to consistent sustainability.

The way to a circular economy



Printed by Vögeli AG in Emmental

Our price tag is printed by Vögeli AG in Emmental, the most sustainable printing company in Switzerland. The entire printing process runs on green electricity, is climate neutral and cradle to cradle certified. This enables us to guarantee the best quality and at the highest ecological standard.

Threaded at the BSZ foundation

The cord, which is also cradle to cradle certified, is cut with the most careful attention in the integrative factory BSZ and attached to the price tag. In this way we can offer people with handicaps an easy job and support this great foundation.
The price tags are then attached by hand to the textiles at our manufacturers.



Consumer goods in the biological cycle


Cradle to Cradle® Design defines and develops recyclable products.

The production processes, use and recycling of the products are designed according to the model of maintaining the quality of the raw materials over several life cycles.
This means: no waste, everything is a nutrient at the same time.
We are aware that most of our price tags will nevertheless end up in the waste. But this way we have a product with the smallest possible negative impact on our environment.

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