The new collection has arrived

The new collection has been available exclusively in the partner stores since the beginning of October. Here you can find out why it is not “yet” available in the online shop and why ZRCL’s top priority is to partner with specialist dealers.

To sweeten your wait or encourage you to visit the shop you trust, we’ll first give you a few insights into the new collection.


ZRCL stands for “circle” and belongs to this circle, starting with our earth, the organic cotton farmers, the production sites, our partner stores, up to our loyal clientele. All of these factors have helped ZRCL to develop so well.

In order to give the partner stores the best possible support, they each receive an exclusive month’s advance sale of the new collection. Only after this period will the items be available on the ZRCL Webshop.


The retailers are the shops that know how to tell something about their products, give innovative and small brands like ZRCL a chance, create jobs and apprenticeships, animate villages and quarters, organise events, offer services, have an open ear for all concerns, form meeting points and are always ready for a chat. But it’s also the shops that really don’t have it easy at the moment.


…buy local and support the stationary trade. Buy from the little ones and don’t be afraid to express a wish or praise. You will see, they are only people who work there. And that’s exactly the point, there are people working there.
People like you, me and all those who make sure that the circle continues. Do develop are also dependent on a fair wage and employment. Therefore…



As a small label, ZRCL is also dependent on direct sales and is definitely not yet available in all regions. That’s why the collection will be available here on the webshop from the end of October.

Thank you for being part of the circle!
Together we will revolutionize the textile market.

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