Fashion Revolution Week


Where does your clothes come from, who made them, under what conditions for human and nature were they produced and who pays the true price for our consumption?

These are just some of the questions the Fashion Revolution is asking itself.

During the Fashion Revolution Week from April 22 – 28 this highly topical topic will be examined in detail.

With a large offensive consumers, brands, producers and governments will be made aware of the grievances in the textile industry and it is to be hoped that it is not too late for a change.

So you can also become part of the Fashion Revolution.

Ask and mark your favourite brand with the hashtag #whomademyclothes @brand for example @wearezrcl or send a prepared e-mail to the brand you want to know more about.

learn here how you can become active. (Fashion Revolution Take Action)

WE ARE ZRCL is part of the Fashion Revolution

Since the beginning of WE ARE ZRCL in August 2015, we have been part of this movement and we are very pleased to see that more and more consumers and brands are joining this revolution.

ZRCL (for “circle”) is the streetwear label without secrets. Transparent, fair, organic and ecological from cultivation to sale. Each garment can be traced back to the origin of organic cotton via the WE ARE ZRCL website. Providing a transparent value chain to show where and how our organic cotton is grown, where it is processed and what social and environmental guidelines are followed.

You will also find detailed information on the raw materials, production and processing of each product directly on the webshop.

Have fun exploring and thank you for being part of the fashion revolution!

i made your clothes

Ms. Rena, cotton picker at bioRe India Ltd. Copyright WE ARE ZRCL

Fair Fashion Market

fair fashion market zürich


Visit the Fair Fashion Market at the Transit Area, Zurich on 27 April and discover WE ARE ZRCL and thirty other labels that have joined the fashion revolution.

We are looking forward to your visit.


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