FaSZeneetli for Schwyzer Gmeindsfäscht

A new SWISS EDITION project

The ZRCL handkerchief “FaSZeneetli” for the Schwyzer Gmeindsfäscht are woven, printed and hemmed from 100% bioRe cotton from Remei AG in Switzerland.

With the purchase of the voluntary festival badge you support this great event, take the bus free of charge in the Schwyz valley basin during the festival and help to revive the image of cotton tissues.

Many thanks to Pirmin Henseler for this beautiful video, to the Gmeindsfäscht OK and to everyone who made this project possible.

The FaSZeneetli will be available online at the ZRCL office & showroom in Brunnen as well as at various retailers in Schwyz.

For your information:
The ZRCL handkerchief project will also be available with our own designs in the near future. You can be looking forward to…

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