Report about the FaSZeneetli

What is behind the ZRCL cloth?

The FaSZeneetli, which was produced especially for the Schwzyer Gmeindsfäscht, has received a prominent appearance in the Event magazine ( edition of 33’000). On the front page in the breast pocket of Wetterschmöcker Martin Holdener and on a whole additional page dedicated to the production and background of the ZRCL handkerchief “made in Switzerland”.

The Schwyzer Gmeindsfäscht takes place only every 8 years and with 72 participating clubs there will be a lot going on in Schwyz this weekend. Up to 30’000 visitors are expected and for three days the cantonal capital will be under the motto SCHWYZ NATÜRLICH.

Would you like to find out more about the festival, buy FaSZeneetli or read the whole newspaper. You can find all further information at

A big thank you for the great mission to the Gmeindsfäscht OK and that they were enthusiastic about a sustainable festival badge.

Faszeneetli Gmeindsfäscht Zeitung Titel
Faszeneetli Schwyzer gmeinsfäscht zeitung
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