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He is an illustrator and designer currently spending most of his time illustrating type for editorial, retail and advertising clients. In the past he have built a clothing company from the ground up and served as the Art Director for the largest and most successful magazine in the the Action Sports world (SURFER Magazine). His work has been featured in numerous publications both in print and online. He have shown and sold his art and photography worldwide.

Who are you and what are you doing?

I am Matthew Allen. I am an artist. I spend most of my days creating illustrations on a freelance basis for clothing companies, book publishers, magazines and more. I also exhibit and sell my fine art and photography worldwide. I try to surf at least a few days a week as well.

Where do you live?

I live in Ladera Ranch, California in the United States. I’m about a twenty minute drive from my favorite surf spots.

How long have you been graphic artist / designer?

I have been designing for about 12 years and doing freelance illustration for 3 years.

What was for you to now the most interesting work?

I think the work I did for Surfer Magazine was the most important work I ever did. I learned so much in my time there and it gave me legitimacy in the eyes of many companies. I was able to create a diverse portfolio of work with design and illustration. I also learned how to work with other creative people and hold a little less tightly to my creative vision when working on a team project.

What do you see in the image which thou hast made for ZRCL?

In our modern day society there is a tension between our zest for progress and the pull of nature. Often they are in opposition to each other but fortunately creative people are finding ways to integrate the two and progress with nature in mind. I think the Mountain vs. City art articulates that tension.

Are you living itself Sustainably?

I strive to live more sustainably though there are more steps I could take. I have switched over to only buying organic foods when eating at home. I also often buy used products which cuts down on waste. My home has energy saving appliances and I use my communities recycling bins.

Thanks Matt

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