International Repair Day – Repair it // Revive it


Saturday 21 October 2023 is International Repair Day. As a responsible brand, we want to counteract the throwaway mentality and offer you the opportunity to have your clothes repaired by us on International Repair Day instead of throwing them away. In this way, you not only make a valuable contribution to waste avoidance and resource conservation, but also protect the climate and contribute to environmental protection in general. In addition, you can give your old and defective clothes a new lease of life and revive them.


Do you have a defective garment? But you don’t have the necessary sewing equipment and expertise to repair your garment? Then we offer you the perfect opportunity to have your clothes repaired with us.

«Repair it // Revive it»

Date: Saturday, 21 October 2023
Time: 09:00 – 16:00
Location: Flagship-Store in Schwyz
Tailor: Christoph Purtschert, WE ARE ZRCL sales representative
Note: Depending on the time required, the garments will be repaired on site on the same day or can be collected later.
Repair costs: You pay for the repair of WE ARE ZRCL clothes as much as you think is right. The repair of garments that do not carry our label will be charged according to cost. On the day of the event, there will be a coffee box on site.

You can’t come by this Saturday? No problem; send us your defective WE ARE ZRCL garment with a note as well as your contact information, and we will send it repaired and back to you.



With RE:ZRCL we show you how we develop our textiles sustainably so that they can be returned to the cycle and what the textile cycle of the future should look like.

RE:THINK Thinking along
RE:USE Reuse
RE:PAIR Repair
RE:CYCLE Recycle
RE:PAY Money back

This way nature, the people in our supply chain and your wallet benefit!

Find out more about RE:ZRCL here.

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