Sale – without us!

Instead of big discounts, we pass on a part of our turnover to those who really need it.

Up to and including 29 February we donate 30% of our earnings from the web shop and the showroom to the school projects of the bioRe® Foundation.

Children receive education in Indian Animation Schools

The aim of the bioRe® animation school project in India is to educate disadvantaged children in rural areas and give them the right to education.


Fr. 100.- is sufficient to pay the annual school fees for one child.

Fr. 7000.- are sufficient to cover the annual costs of an entire school.

And with Fr. 10’000.- a complete school building can be built.

Let’s see how much we get together in 16 days!

Donations are also possible without purchase. You can find all information on the donation flyer or on

Please add “ZRCL x bioRe” to the donation. Then we will know how much has come together thanks to our action.

The project background

The bioRe® Association works in the rural area of the Indian province of Madhya Pradesh and supports small farmers through organic farming and infrastructure projects. In the villages around the bioRe® Training Center for Organic Agriculture in Kasrawad, many children are denied access to school education. A survey showed that children often could not go to school and that they had to work on the farm.

The reasons for lack of school education are that often there are no schools in these villages, or that the public schools are too far away for the children, or that the quality in the public schools suffered due to the absence of teachers. The bioRe® Association has therefore initiated a school project against child labour and supports the communities through the animation school project so that they can provide school education for their children.

This is why we don't do a sale

The fashion industry now seduces us almost permanently with incredible discounts and bargains. A development that in our eyes neither benefits the workers in the factories, nor the cotton farmers in the fields, nor the textile companies themselves. The grievances of the textile industry are now well known to everyone.

From the very beginning, WE ARE ZRCL has used a simple but sustainable method to prevent this surplus. Thanks to a timeless collection our pieces never go out of fashion and thanks to our local printing partner we can print more pieces at short notice. In this way we avoid large stocks and the risk of getting stuck on certain pieces.

However, even we cannot avoid sellout events. That’s why we will continue to hold sample and one-off sales in our showroom. By the way, the next one will take place from 17 to 18 April 2020.

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