Donations instead of discounts

The total was 260 swiss francs.
Many thanks to all who donated!

Those who followed the incredible “Black Friday” offer of the ZRCL campaign last Friday were greeted at the webshop with a surprise that was very special.

What is it about?

Black Friday! Another day when retailers and brands feel compelled to lower prices. Consumers are inundated with offers and believe they can save money by buying something that is not needed in many cases. A day that within a short time turned into a week and who knows where this price war will lead us. The true value of products, work and all those involved in the value chain is once again completely disregarded.

ZRCL also attracted the attention of bargain hunters with an incredible Black Friday offer. All articles on their own webshop for only 20 swiss francs (see picture).

The clue was that the whole webshop was deleted and there was only one article to buy. A donation to the bioRe Foundation, where in India and Tanzania the bioReĀ® cotton is produced for all fair and sustainably produced ZRCL garments.


WE ARE ZRCL doubles the donation.
Thus it is 520 francs which will be donated to the bioRe Foundation.

Since 1997, the bioReĀ® Foundation has been investing in the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of farming families in India and Tanzania. The focus is on the cultivation of organic cotton as a sustainable livelihood (Right to Ecology) and the areas of education (Right to Education), health (Right to Health) and livelihood (Right to Work and Right to Development).

To find out more about the Foundation’s most recent work and projects, please take a look at the Annual Report (only in German). WE ARE ZRCL has been enthusiastic about the foundation’s commitment since its inception and we are proud to have your support in helping such a future-oriented and sustainable project. You will be kept up to date on where the money collected will be used.

David vs. Goliath

In the fifth and newest part of the film series “David vs. Goliath” by Hans Peter Jost you will learn more about the work of the bioRe Foundation and the challenges in the production of GMO-free cotton seeds in India.


Thank you very much for your interest, to everyone who supported this campaign and that you are part of the Fashion Revolution!

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