Trainer pants // total loss of control

«Anyone who wears jogging pants has lost control of their life», is the famous quote by Karl Lagerfeld.

With our trainer pants, you retain control because we offer a transparent production chain. Plus, our unisex trainer trousers are as consistently sustainable as all our products. Fair and made from 100% bioRe® organic cotton by Remei.


International Jogging Pants Day

On 21 January each year is the International Jogging Pants Day and trainer pants will finally get their global recognition again. This day was created so that the practical and extremely comfortable garment does not have to lead a shadowy existence for at least one day a year. To the chagrin of some fashion-conscious personalities, because who doesn’t know the famous statement by Karl Lagerfeld: “Anyone who wears jogging pants has lost control of their life.”

Labelled a fashion sin, trainer pants eke out a sad existence on the sofa or during sports. But not so on Jogging Pants Day. On this day, there is a call to commemorate the trainer pants by wearing them everywhere for one day. So put on your favourite trainer pant too and show everyone that you are in control of your life even with your trainer pants.


Our trainer pants are cuddly soft

Our trainer trousers have an exceptionally soft touch. In combination with the brushed or brushed & peached process and the GMO-free bioRe® organic cotton, our trainer pants provide a unique high wearing quality with a cuddly effect. In the brushed process, the fabric is pulled over a fast rotating roller with many small wire hooks and thus roughened, and in the gentler peached process, the fabric is sanded. Both methods create a fluffy surface structure, which ensures a pleasantly soft and cosy feel. In addition, the fabric also feels more voluminous and thus offers better thermal insulation. Accordingly, our trainer trousers are so soft and cuddly that you won’t want to take them off.

In addition, our unisex trainer pants have two front pockets and a drawstring. The pants as well as the cord were produced fairly and from 100% bioRe® organic cotton by Remei. Furthermore, the trainer pants are transparent and traceable from seed to finished product. Track your new trainer pant with the Track me Code on the sewn-in product label and the Traceability Tool.

What our customers say:

«The trainer pants fit perfectly, and the wearing comfort is simply unique! (Very fine fabric, soft, light). I can simply recommend these pants.»


«Very comfortable material and good fit.»

«Very comfortable and fluffy pants that fit perfectly in both length and width.»

«Ordered the trainer pants for my brother – fits very well, comfortable and chic!»

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