Beanies made from swiss organic sheep's wool

From the Alpine sheep to the finished product, grown and produced entirely in Switzerland. A natural product, entirely in line with our values. Discover our partners and interesting facts about Swiss wool processing here.

Organic Sheep Wool

Our organic sheep’s wool comes from Swiss Alpine sheep and is ideal for everyday outdoor use in wind and weather.

Sheep’s wool is characterized by its pronounced thermoregulating properties: Consisting of 85% air, it optimally reflects body heat. It is able to absorb up to 33% of its dry weight in water. It releases the stored moisture slowly. Sheep’s wool can absorb harmful substances and regenerates in the fresh air.

We obtain our organic wool from the social organization of Promotion of innovative wool processing in Eastern Switzerland named fiwo (Förderung innovativer Wollverarbeitung Ostschweiz).


Yarn Production

We have the yarn for our woollen products spun by the Firma Vetsch in Pragg-Jenaz in Prättigau.

This traditional company has been producing in its own family business in the heart of the Grisons mountains since 1890.

The organic sheep’s wool is first washed and then spun into yarn.

Despite thorough cleaning, the cap may contain residues of straw.


Photography: Christian Reichenbach


Seamless knitting

This is where Mr Urs comes in and makes the impossible possible. He knits our sheep’s wool cap seamlessly on his machines by Stoll.

This means no seams that can come undone and no sections that end up in the bin.

All products under the Mr Urs label are produced from the design to the finished cap in his own workshop in the office building at Turgi station (AG).

Urs impressed us right from the start with his expertise and innovative approach, and we look forward to working with him on further orders.


Vegetable Dyeing

We have teamed up with Stefan Fankhauser from Schoenfaerberey to dye our woollen hats. In his small historic dye works in Ruppoldsried (BE), he still uses traditional methods with vegetable dyes.

We use the root of the madder plant to colour our Wooly beanies in rust. They are dyed over a fire in a copper kettle. The Wooly Kappe in natural is, as the name suggests, undyed.

Madder, also known as dyer’s red, is considered to be one of the oldest plants for textile dyes and was already used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Despite the very good colour-fastness, it is and remains a plant dye. Depending on the UV radiation and washing method, it can lose its colour intensity over time.



Unisex Wooly Beanie natural SWISS EDITION

Wooly Beanie SWISS EDITION natural

Unisex Wooly Beanie brown SWISS EDITION

Wooly Beanie SWISS EDITION brown

Unisex Wooly Beanie grey SWISS EDITION

Wooly Beanie SWISS EDITION grey

Wooly Beanie SWISS EDITION rost

Unisex Wooly Beanie short natural SWISS EDITION

Wooly Short Beanie SWISS EDITION natural

Unisex Wooly Beanie short brown SWISS EDITION

Wooly Short Beanie SWISS EDITION brown

Unisex Wooly Beanie short grey SWISS EDITION

Wooly Short Beanie SWISS EDITION grey


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