Made in Switzerland

With the Swiss Edition, WE ARE ZRCL launches its own, even more sustainable clothing label. The SWISS EDITION caps and knitted pullovers are knitted seamlessly in Switzerland from the proven bioRe® organic cotton yarn. This means: no sections during production, shorter production routes and regional added value thanks to Swiss production.

Regional value creation

The production of the SWISS EDITION collections takes place at Innolana AG (formerly Traxler AG) in Bichelsee in the canton of Thurgau. Thanks to our partner’s modern knitting machines, seamless production of the garments can be guaranteed. This is because seamless knitting technology offers numerous advantages. It results in minimal yarn and fabric consumption, which means that there are no cut-offs during production and thus less production waste. In addition, «Made in Switzerland» means shorter production routes and regional added value. In the sewing room, around 14 employees do solid manual work to finish the garments, such as attaching the zips or the WE ARE ZRCL label.


Dyeing in an environmentally friendly way

The bioRe® organic cotton yarn is dyed before the garments are produced. Plain yarns are dyed by Johann Müller AG in Strengelbach in the canton of Aargau and mélange yarns directly by RSWM Ltd. in Bhilwara, India. Controlled environmental and chemical management is a top priority for us. We use only environmentally friendly dyes for bleaching, dyeing, washing and printing, so that in the end the textiles are safe and free of harmful substances. Our production partners in Switzerland and India have installed sewage treatment plants or are connected to public sewage treatment plants and thus avoid environmental pollution through contaminated waste water.


Important Milestone

With our SWISS EDITION, we are setting an important milestone for even more ecological, social and sustainable clothing production. Since the first collection, we have strongly expanded our «Made in Switzerland» collection and thanks to the growing demand, the SWISS EDITION collections will be constantly expanded. Together, we support and maintain our local textile industry and promote Switzerland as a production location.


Repair instead of throwing away

Our SWISS EDITION, like all our products, have a long life cycle thanks to their high quality. Nevertheless, it can happen that our textiles are damaged through use or have a defect.

To reduce the ecological footprint and so that you don’t have to throw away your defective garment, we offer a repair service. Repairs are carried out directly at our producer, Innolana, or at one of our local partners.





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