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While a large part of the textile companies are outsourcing their production back to Europe, we are going back to India. We are convinced production should take place in the country of origin of the raw material. That is why we have the majority of the collection manufactured by Well Knit Industries.


Mahatma Gandhi fought for a free and independent India in his struggle for independence against the British colonial power. That is why he is often depicted with the spinning wheel Charkha, symbolizing his non-violent resistance and the preservation of his own craft. The history of the highly acclaimed Swiss textile industry has also shown us that we have an obligation to the regions of origin and has confirmed our decision in favour of this production location.

This is why we have been gradually divesting our long-standing production site in Lithuania since the beginning of 2022. The main reason: our long-standing producer and partner, Utenos Trikotazas, has doubled its production prices within one season. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for us to work together. We have always been very satisfied with the co-operation, quality and their values and regret this decision very much.

© Margaret Bourke-White took the iconic photo of the Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi at the spinning wheel Charkha, who spun the fabric Khadi on it.



Our production partner Remei has systematically built up its supply chain over decades with suppliers who share sustainable values. They manage the supply chain for us, from GMO-free seeds and farmers to finished textiles. Remei also knows its partners in the supply chain and visits the chain and the companies in person 2-3 times a year. They have good partnerships and transparency in the supply chain and know the local working conditions. All production partners are GOTS certified. Remei has been working successfully Well Knit for more than 10 years. This relativizes the risks that can exist in opaque supply chains.


We source our organic cotton from organic farmers in India and Tanzania. Remei’s subsidiaries work directly and in a participatory manner with local farmers. Most of the organic cotton is spun into yarn in India and then processed and made up at Well Knit in India. The supply chain is not fixed. Depending on the product and collection, a product passes through different stages. Accordingly, the complete production cycle of all garments can be traced via our TRACK ME page. Or find out more about our suppliers in our list.



At the end of November 2015, Kilian Wiget, CEO & founder of WE ARE ZRCL, visited the organic cotton farmers and those responsible at Remei India for the first time. He shares his impressions in the video.

«The trip to India left a great, positive impression on me. I particularly appreciated the honest insight into the work of the local farmers and textile workers and being able to talk to them directly. Even today, I can say with certainty: ZRCL is streetwear without secrets.»


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