The shelf made from regional wood

A shelf as sustainable as our textiles and in line with our values. Wood from the region, grown over decades in sustainable forestry.


From cultivation to sale, our textiles are transparent, fair, organic and ecological. With the same values in mind, we have developed a presentation shelf for our loyal retailers. In cooperation with the joinery von Rickenbach, we have created a shelf that has nothing to hide in terms of sustainability and regionality. The carpenter’s workshop practises its craft with a great deal of love and attention to detail. Accordingly, they have designed the shelf exactly according to our values and processed it by hand with great care. Thanks to the construction method with plug-in connections, we can reduce the use of glue and screws to a minimum. Consistently sustainable and in harmony with nature – just like our textiles.



For our shelves, we use ash wood from the region, which has grown over decades in sustainable forestry. Already in former times, the lumberjacks knew the rules on which days wood had to be cut so that the quality of the logs could be influenced. Accordingly, the ash wood was cut taking into account the phase of the moon. This makes it particularly durable, robust, long-lasting, dimensionally stable and resistant to pests. In addition, this wood is said to have a positive influence on inner peace, balance and well-being. With its attractive appearance, it has also inspired us.


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