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On November 29, we will vote on the Responsible Business Initiative in Switzerland.
This initiative gives us the opportunity to set an example against the ruthless exploitation of people and nature and for a fairer future.

Here we show you why we stand behind this initiative and say YES to this self-evident fact on November 29.


The initiative demands a matter of course:

Companies with headquarters in Switzerland should be obliged to respect human rights and international environmental standards abroad as well.
If they fail to do so, they should be held accountable for any damage caused.

With the start of the hot phase of the voting campaign for the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, there was unfortunately also an increase in distortions, falsifications and statements by the corporate lobby that were contrary to the facts.

To our regret, many exemplary SME owners and managing directors have expressed their opposition to the initiative.

Here are some of the facts that the corporate lobby and its supporters are happy to spread.

SMEs are not affected

In its campaign of fear, the corporate lobby is pushing the blameless Swiss SMEs in front of the guilty corporations, claiming that they will suffer as a result of the initiative. – That is wrong.

Explanations of the initiative committee are not irrelevant

The opponents claim that the initiative text is not crystal clear. – That is wrong.

Liability applies only to controlled suppliers

The corporate lobby claims that in the future, companies must be liable for the entire supply chain. – That is wrong.

Here you will find more facts and more detailed explanations on the false statements of the opponents.


The initiative creates clear rules to put a stop to the unscrupulous behavior of some corporations. Experience has shown that voluntary measures are not enough to ensure that all companies respect human rights or minimum environmental standards.

Anyone who uses child labor or destroys the environment should be held accountable. Now corporations are to be held liable if, for example, they poison rivers or devastate entire areas of land.

Unscrupulous corporations take advantage of the situation in those countries that do not have a functioning judiciary. They rely on child labor or destroy the environment without having to fear consequences. That is why the initiative is needed.

Again and again corporations violate human rights or are responsible for environmental destruction. The initiative obliges corporations to no longer look the other way and to take preventive measures to ensure that no one is harmed and that the environment is not destroyed.

You too can support the Responsible Business Initiative

Website konzern-initiative

And that is why, as the owner of a responsible SME, I am voting “Yes” to the Responsible Business Initiative on November 29th.

Kilian Wiget
Founder and CEO

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