Discover the people behind the ZRCL motifs. ZRCL is interested in collaborating with artists who design one-of-a-kind collections. We are equally pleased to hear from anyone who wants to get involved.

Anna Lemke

Anna Lemke, a mother of two children from Lucerne, has been involved with spiritual teachings from various traditions, philosophy, nutrition, naturopathy and art since her youth.

In addition to yoga, she has devoted herself to nature and its treasures. Thus, she draws inspiration from her love of nature. She often works with the linoleum printing process, which is also how the design “Bird” for ZRCL came into being. She likes the simple, minimalist, so that she can depict the essence of beauty.

2020 was the start of her own online shop of self-made products. Her self-illustrated and written Oracle Deck is the centrepiece.

You can find out more about Anna Lemke at: https://yogaundkraut.co/



Carsten Daub

After years of frustrating work in his job, Carsten Daub’s artistic career began as a self-taught artist. For him, art means rediscovering what is special in things.

Art enables Carsten to depict feelings and observations of reality better than he could express with words. Above all, nature inspires him again and again with its forms, colours and structures. For him, mountains radiate peace, strength and security, and fascinate him just as much as the infinite expanses and possibilities of the universe. His pictorial worlds combine realistic with abstract and geometric elements, such as the design “Universe” which he drew for ZRCL.

Find out more about Carsten Daub: https://ckritzeltshop.com/

Artist Portrait new

Heiko Prigge

Born in Hamburg/ Germany, Heiko Prigge discovered a love for photography on a road trip across the US in 1991. Giving up his studies in Biology, he started a job as a camera assistant working on short movies. He went on to become a photographer’s assistant when he moved to London for famous photographers such as Terry O’Neill and Mark Abrahams. These days he works for magazines such as Monocle, GQ, MINI International, The New York Times and Stern. His work includes lifestyle photography, portraits and story-telling for editorial and advertising projects around the world.

The picture is a cyanotype he made two years ago during a snowboard trip with his children in Malbun/Liechtenstein.

Find out more about Heiko Prigge: https://www.heikoprigge.com/#/


Sarah von Rickenbach

Sarah studied Visual Communication at Bern University of the Arts. She perfected her technique during an exchange semester at Berlin-Weissensee College of Art and an internship at the big brand agency MetaDesign Berlin. Her love of nature is reflected in the beautiful work she produces. The Polar Bear motif is an excellent match for the ideology of ZRCL and we are very pleased with the amazing collaboration.



Thomas Stöckli

Thomas became intensively involved in photography in 2001 after tearing his cruciate ligament. He then documented the international snowboard scene for clients and magazines around the world for 10 years and won the Swiss Photo Award in advertising in 2014. As a photographer, he now specialises in movement and landscapes, preferring quiet and meditative places. As a good friend, we are even more pleased to have Thomas on board for our Artist Series.

Find out more about Thomas and his work at https://thomasstoeckli.com

The picture of Thomas shows the French speed skier Jérôme Cantalupo, it describes this phenomenon in a very own way.
You look damn fast in your clothes.
An unnecessary fashion phenomenon.
It’s time for a revolution!

Portrait image: www.aaronschwartz.ca

bild thomas

Fabian Lavater

Fabian Lavater artist and illustrator based in Basel discovered his creative streak in his infancy. After completing his master’s degree in sustainable development with a major in economics, he decided to make his art his profession.

Fabian draws his inspiration from his great passion, surfing, but also from all the other things Mother Nature has to offer. With his artwork Triple which he painted for ZRCL, he underlines the unique beauty of our nature like mountains, water & forest.


You can find out more about Fabian: https://lavaterart.com



Oliver Lenzlinger

Oliver first drew attention to himself when he submitted his illustration to the ZRCL Crowdfunding. He entered this design for the “Design wanted” competition at literally the very last minute. With success, as it later turned out. Since the second collection, Oliver has become more or less our in-house designer and gives the ZRCL clothing a magical touch with his nature motifs.



Iuna Tinta aka Corinne Weidmann is no stranger to the international art scene. Her beautiful, colorful mountains and landscapes decorate various snowboards, accessories and clothes of the most renowned sports brands. With her unmistakable style, the Swiss native enchants the sports and art scene around the globe.
Corinne has drawn as a motif for the POW – design, the Finsteraarhorn in the Bernese Oberland. The POW logo and her signature is discreetly hidden under her left arm.

10% of the proceeds of the POW products will be donated to Protect our Winters Switzerland. Learn more about the Iuna Tinta Collaboration

Find out more about Corinne and her work at: www.iunatinta.com

Sibylle Peter

We got to know Sibylle through the design of the NON Openair helper t-shirt and came to love her work. This is how the first official collaboration came about with the Stone motif in autumn 2019. But that wasn’t enough for us: with the current Leaves motif, the talented graphic designer from Lucerne has defended and held her place as a ZRCL artist.

She finds her inspiration in nature, in the mountains, while hiking or biking. The ideas she collects, she lets loose on the audience during her work at Feldervogel or in various great side projects.

You can find out more about Sibylle at: www.sibyllepeter.ch





Linus von Moos aka Rips1 is a Lucerne artist and illustrator whose work includes murals, paintings and digital works. He discovered his creativity at a young age by learning the art form of graffiti through breakdancing.
Since 2012 he has been working as a freelance graphic designer and artist. His focus is especially on artistic wall works and canvases. An important source of inspiration for Rips1 has always been his various travels, especially to America, Asia and throughout Europe. For Rips1 an important part of his travels is always to leave his artwork at the places he has visited.


Aurelia Zihlmann

Aurelia learned her skills during her studies in visual communication at the Zurich University of the Arts. Since 2015, she has been working as a graphic designer in the Büro a+o in Aarau and also on her own projects. Traveling and photography are passions that are reflected in some of her book projects. She also records countless impressions and experiences from her everyday life as illustrations. So also the fern, which became the motive on the shirt and complements the new collection perfectly. We got to know each other through our common, former employer and today loyal customer 3SIXTY.


Marisa Senn

Marisa won over us and the crowdfunding supporters for the first ZRCL women’s collection with her entry in the “Design Wanted” competition. With her wind-blown tree she conquered our hearts.  Marisa lives in Brunnen (SZ) and has worked in the office since her apprenticeship. Due to this top-heavy work, creative balance has become increasingly important to her in recent years. In her free time she therefore takes a lot of time for painting and drawing.


Anette Sommerseth

The Norwegian living in Germany convinces with her works of art far beyond her remarkable Instagram followers. Beautiful landscapes, mountains and forests drawn in an unmistakable style. learn more about Anette aka ankatsom

Anette Sommerseth
Gym Bag
anette sommerseth gym bag
Men T-Shirt
anette sommerseth t-shirt
Women T-Shirt
Anette Somerseth ankatsom women T-Shirt

Matthew Allen

Illustrator and designer, former art director at “SURFER Magazine” and one of the hottest surf-art artists of our day.

His painting depicts where the world’s resources flow to.
Click here for an interview with Matt Allen

Men T-Shirt
Matt Allen Artist WE ARE ZRCL
Women T-Shirt
Matt Allen Artist WE ARE ZRCL
Gym Bag
Matt Allen Artist WE ARE ZRCL

Robert Richter

The illustrator and freelance designer, who lives in Dresden DE, convinces with his pronounced love of detail. He creates such extraordinary worlds with subtle depth and sensitive messages. With the backpack motif he hits the point with the ideology of ZRCL. Aren’t we all a bit of wandering birds?

Find out more about Robert here!

WE ARE ZRCL Robert Richter
Backpack Shopper // sold out
Backpack Hoodie // sold out
Backpack T-Shirt // sold out

André Stummer

André was born in Germany near the border to Poland. He grew up near Berlin for the next 18 years. After his training as a cook and after one year on Helgoland and two on Sylt he discovered and learned to love his passion for photography. Since 2008 he lives and works in Switzerland and can live out his passion to the fullest.

We are super happy about the great collaboration with André and present two of his pictures in the new ZRCL collection.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Layer T-Shirt // sold out
Follow André
Living T-Shirt // sold out

Tim Hilpertshauser

The graphic designer from Zurich loves drawing. He got our attention with his works for the Radix Shop (ZRCL partner store) and made a lasting impression on us. The “Island” motif is one such drawing, featuring a dreamy portrayal of the beauty of nature.

Island Women // sold out
we are zrcl Damen T-Shirt von Tim Hilpertshauser
Island Men // sold out
we are zrcl Herren T-Shirt Tim Hilpertshauser
Island Shopper // sold out
we are zrcl Shopper von Tim Hilpertshauser

Lucas Beaufort

Lines, monsters and skateboards! Lucas Beaufort is currently one of the hottest artists in the skateboard business and his pictures have an unmistakable style. The fight design he drew for ZRCL depicts the battle in the textile industry, and we’ve joined up to issue a call to FASHION REVOLUTION!

Fight Longsleeve // sold out
we are zrcl fight longsleeve von lucas beaufort
Fight Sweater // sold out
we are zrcl fight sweater von lucas beaufort
Fight T-Shirt // sold out
we are zrcl fight T-Shirt von lucas beaufort

Kim Becker

Kim Becker is a German artist from Karlsruhe. After graduating as a graphic designer, she began working freelance. Her work, mostly in black and white, is full of little stories. She draws her inspiration from the beautiful Black Forest near her home in south-west Germany. Kim has worked with several companies at an international level.

Mountains Women // sold out
we are zrcl Mountain T-Shirt von Kim Becker
Mountains Men // sold out
we are zrcl Mountain T-Shirt von Kim Becker
Mountains Men // sold out
we are zrcl Mountain T-Shirt von Kim Becker


Jonathan Monnay is a real all-rounder. Typography, illustrations – and he prints everything himself at his studio in Vernayaz.

His implementation of “Less is More” is a perfect match for ZRCL’s sustainable thinking. This wordplay appeared in the poems of Robert Browning as long ago as 1855 and is more relevant than ever today!

Less Is More Sweater // sold out
we are zrcl Less is more Sweater von jonattend jonathan monnay
Less Is More T-Shirt // sold out
we are zrcl Less is more Longsleeve von jonattend jonathan monnay
Less Is More T-Shirt // sold out
we are zrcl Less is more T-Shirt von jonattend jonathan monnay

Alex Schauwecker

The illustrator and designer with Japanese roots lives in Zurich and enriches the world with happy whales and his art books. For more works by Alex, see Walfisch-Studio or the Hakuin Publishing Company.
The skateboarding whale – which is also his hallmark, by the way – embodies the sheer joy of skateboarding.

Click here for the interview with Alex Schauwecker

WE ARE ZRCL Artist Alex Schauwecker
Whale // Sold Out
we are zrcl Whale T-Shirt von Alex Schauwecker
Whale // Sold Out
we are zrcl Whale T-Shirt von Alex Schauwecker
Whale // Sold Out
we are zrcl Whale T-Shirt von Alex Schauwecker


ZRCL is interested in collaborating with artists who design one-of-a-kind collections. We are equally pleased to hear from anyone who wants to get involved. If this sounds like you:contact us

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