POW – Iuna Tinta – ZRCL

An exemplary NGO, a proven artist and a sustainable clothing label. The result is a fund-raising campaign that has it all.

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Herren Swiss Edition

New Swiss Edition

New looks, new colors and proven “SWISS MADE”. Discover now our new Swiss Edition collection made of 100% bioRe organic cotton.

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Die neue Kollektion

New Collection

The anniversary collection is really something special and we have developed further. Sustainability and conscious consumption are becoming more and more salon-ready.

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5 Jahres Jubiläum

5 years WE ARE ZRCL

What started as a small project with crowdfunding in 2015 can now be considered an integral part of the sustainable Swiss fashion scene.

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Das nachaltige Preisschild

The sustainable price tag

We’ll take you on a trip of one of our price tags. Definitely one of our heart projects on the way to consistent sustainability.

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Slowfashion im Beobachter

Report in the Beobachter

In the latest issue of the Beobachter, Slow Fashion including a portrait of WE ARE ZRCL is a central theme.

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